Nowadays, people are asking for better replacements. High quality is the key to leading. Therefore, we set up a standard.


The LED bead decides the main cost of lamp. 

The LED chip decided the main cost of a LED bead. 

The size of LED chip decided the lumen. 

However, many suppliers provide their products with small size chip but brighter light (which should be emitted by bigger size chip) through a way of "small size chip + extra current". Due to the I-V property of LED, extra current will cause extra heat and lead to light decrease. Due to the constant voltage design of automotive power, the operating current and temperature will get higher and higher in a vicious circle. As a result, it hastens the light decay or even cause light burned and off. In a word, do not judge a chip only by its brightness. Chip size & source, operating voltage & current, ambient temperature and thermal diffusivity should be considered in practical situation.


X-tech is a technology and a solution on LED lighting developed by MICROSUN, mainly involved in X-Blaze, X-Driver and X-Cool.



X-Blaze tech is an effective solution for bright light lovers. Large size LED chips is selected as the high bright light source. In actual use, it is an eye-can-tell brighter light than standard LED. X-Blaze tech is not a trick of increasing operating current to get high lumen. The light operates under a normal current for a long time performance. with <3% light decay in 1000 hours steady work, light always looks fresh.


X-Driver is the heart of bright LED. Engine is the heart of car.

X-Driver is an accurate current-control engine combined with Constant-Current IC & Inductance Circuit. The max current fluctuation is limited with the range of ±5mA. This stable operating current is the reason why X-Bright LED works longer and better.

When driving, there are uncertain factors to cause Surge Voltage in a car. In most cases, it reaches to 14.5V. In some cases, it suddenly reaches to 16V to raise problems. X-driver basically provides 18V Surge Voltage protection. Say goodbye to the troublemakers.

X-Cool is advanced structure with a systematic cooling solution.

X-Cool tech LED is qualified in 85℃ aging test and 110℃ aging test.

A Common LED bulb boday consists of several pieces of PCB. By X-Cool Tech, PCB pieces are assembled based on a metal frame, which we call it Embedded Solid Aluminum Frame. By the powerful heat sink equipment, the cooling effect is increased 200% to cool down the CAN-Bus "high fever" thoroughly.

Besides, more process designs are used to enhance the cooling effect:

                  - Grooving Frame Line 

                                     - Insulating Spraying PCB

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