Why Microsun ?

Our people
At Microsun, we empower our employees to set their sights high and create their own career tracks. This is a place where your future success and growth are truly a result of your own efforts and achievements.

Leave your footprint
It is a place where the entrepreneurial spirit lives on. You can effect change through enthusiasm and personal initiative. You have the power to influence and define your own future. 

Embrace Thoughtfulness
At Microsun, our idiligent heritage is reflected in our concern for the environment, respect for each individual and easy access to management. We believe in a flat organizational style- inclusion and care are cornerstones to our culture.

Typical recruitment process in Microsun:

Applicants apply online for specific available vacancies on the Career Web
Applications received in the Microsun recruitment system 
Confirmation sent upon reception of application in the system

Pre-screening of received applications 
Applicants will be notified pre-screening result 
Preliminary Test for pre-selected applicants (applicable in certain cases)

Interviews conducted with HR & Hiring Manager 
Reference check (applicable in certain cases) 
Feedback of selection process of candidates

Offer proposal to the selected candidate 
Selected candidate accepts or rejects offer

Vacancy Position :

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